Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamp

June 9-15, 2024 - Maryville College, Maryville TN

Flatpicking, Fingerpicking, Celtic Guitar, Traditional And Old Time Rhythm Guitar, Old Time Banjo, Old Time Mandolin, Irish Fiddle,  Old Time Fiddle, Mountain Dulcimer, Hammered Dulcimer And Old Time Singing And Harmony

All Of The Instructors Are Well Known For Their Individual And Unique Picking And Teaching Styles. They Were Carefully Chosen For Their Talents- Not Only As Musicians But Also For Their Instructional Expertise, Easy-Going Attitude, And Approach-Ability. Hundreds Of Topics Will Be Discussed, Thoroughly Examined And Instructed.

Flatpicking Team

Flatpicking in Old Time and Traditional Week will have two Class Groups. All Beginners in one group, Intermediates and Advanced in the second group. Students will rotate between the two instructors.

All styles of Bluegrass Flatpicking will be taught during Week Two with full rotation between six flatpicking instructors.


Fingerpicking Team

Several styles of traditional and old time Fingerstyle and Thumb picking will be taught and discussed concentrating on Travis, Celtic, Instrumental Americana and Blues but many other styles taught and introduced.


Celtic Guitar

This class will be geared toward the Intermediate and Advanced guitarist.
Class size limited to 15


Traditional and Old Time Rhythm Guitar

One instructor will be teaching the Traditional Rhythm Guitar Class. If a second instructor is added, students will rotate between instructors for a fuller, deeper and richer rhythm experience. This class will be for the guitarist that is very comfortable changing chords and wants to add bass runs, bass walks, a more solid back up, learning how song structures work, backing up the band and backing up a singer and more. This class will begin with one instructor and as the class size grows, a second will be introduced.


Old Time Banjo Team

This class will have two world renown instructors allowing two groups of students.
Both instructors are known for their easy going, yet comprehensive teaching styles.
One Beginner class and one class of Intermediate and Advanced students.
All students will rotate to each instructor.


Old Time Mandolin

This class will be geared towards Beginner and Intermediate students.


Irish Fiddle

This class will be geared toward the Intermediate and Advanced fiddler.
Class size limited to 9.


Old Time Fiddle Team

Two Old Time Fiddle Instructors will start this class. There will be one group for beginner level and one group for Intermediate and Advanced students.

If the class size grows, a third instructor will be added giving us three separate class levels.


Mountain Dulcimer

We will have two instructors and two separate classes of Mountain Dulcimer
One Beginner group and one Intermediate/Advanced Group

The students will see both of these incredible Mountain Dulcimer instructors through the week. The students will stay in the same classroom and the instructors will rotate to each group.


Hammered Dulcimer

Two incredible instructors will share the load of one beginner group and one intermediate-advanced group.

Mary Lynn's Class: Old Time music relies primarily on learning by ear instead of reading written music, accenting beats two and four vs one and three, shifting accents, and swinging 8th notes instead of playing them straight. When I first started playing fiddle tunes on the hammered dulcimer, these concepts were extremely challenging for me. I hope that my struggle and the things I learned will make it easier for you to learn to make your fiddle tunes groove.
Continued on her Bio page.

Ken's Class: Most of the ideas/techniques can be accomplished with a left-hand or right-hand lead. Additional topics include improving our ability to hear chord changes (I, IV, and V at a minimum), and how this can inform our ability to pick up tunes on the fly. Tunes will be our vehicle to teach the concepts and techniques. Ken will provide written music for all versions of each tune (melody, backup parts, variations).
Full description on his Bio page


Old Time Singing and Harmony

Using Carter Family-style harmonies as a jumping off place, we will work with three part (and more!) singing in this beautiful style. Finding harmony lines that sometimes weave around the melody, sometimes cross or createunisons, students will develop a better ability to hear and find parts, as well as learn what gives these harmonies their particular old-time country sound, and power. We will introduce some basic music theory, but all songs are taught by ear, and lyrics are provided. No singing experience necessary, just the desire to sing! Class size limited to 15 students


Beginner 101 Group Class Instructor (Old Time Fiddle, Guitar, Old Time Mandolin, Clawhammer Banjo)

This class is designed for someone who just recently got started on the instrument or hasn't even taken it out of the case for the first time.
A gifted instructor will teach all instruments the same songs and chords in a fun, non-competitive, easy pace so that you can get comfortable on your instrument, practice through the year and register next year in the full rotation class.


Kamp Ensemble Coordinator And General Jamming Liaison

Leading the Tune of the Day, The Jam Elements Class, the Medium Jam, The Post Concert Open Mic and the infamous Band Scramble. Note: Keith is asking for volunteer help leading the Isaac's Jam on a few nights. Talk to Keith at Kamp if you are interested.


Kamp Massage Therapist

Leslie Ann Johnson and Michael L. Levi, LMT will be back in 2022. They are Licensed Massage Therapists on hand to take care of those aches and pains. We gotta take care of those arms, hands and shoulders AND our spouses. Everyone gets pampered at SKAK


Kamp Old Time Barn Dance

We will have a Kamp Old Time Barn Dance (Fingers Crossed) Wednesday June 12, 2024

The band is made up of the finest musicians in the world - our Kamp Instructors.

This is open to the public for $15.00 each and free to Kampers and Kompanions.

7PM Open Mic
7:30 Dance Instruction
7:45-8:00pm Dance Begins
10:00 Dance Ends

Maryville College Alumni Gym
Maryville College


Kamp Slow Jam and Fiddle Jam Koordinator And Kamp Ensemble Koordinator

We have a special Slow Jam and Beginner's Jam Koordinator on hand to help you wake up in the mornings.
David Firestine will Host these classes.
Scheduled Old Time Jams are:

8:30-9:30am - Slow Jam - Roughly 100 BPM
1-1:45pm Mid-Day Jam. Open to all levels
4:15-5:15 -Medium Jam. Open to All Levels
9:30-10:30 - Beginner's Jam


Luthiers and Kamp Doctors

One of the country's best luthiers will be on hand to tweak, glue, bend, stretch, mend, refret and more to your instrument.

Donnie Barbra, our Kamp Doctor, will do pick-ups and returns and work from his Maryville shop this year - 2021.


Morning Mountain Dulcimer

Mike teaches this special class is for all levels of players interested in Mountain Dulcimer. It is a one hour class each morning Monday through Thursday 8:30-9:30am. There is an added charge of $35 for the class. A limited number of rental dulcimers are available for $35.00 for the week with cost going towards purchase.


Slow Jam And Kamp Ensemble Ko-Koordinator And General Kamp Liaisons

Keith Yoder and David Firestine will be leading the Tune of the Day, The Jam Elements Class, the Medium Jam, The Post Concert Open Mic and the infamous Kamp Ensemble. Note: Keith is asking for volunteer help leading the Isaac's Jam on a few nights. Talk to Keith at Kamp if you are interested.


Special Slow Jam and Fiddle Tune Jam Koordinator


Kamp Ensemble Coordinator

The Kamp Ensemble - Totally Random Students put together early in the week in order to perform a song at the end of the week.

Three rehearsal times.

A great reason to do this is to meet people you would not have met early in the week so your new friendships and jamming can get started.

Many folks don't meet friends until they loosen up at the end of the week. This gets it all started early and it's fun too!
Instructor Led.