Air Travel to Kamp

If traveling by air, you will fly into the Knoxville Airport (TYS). The Kamp is about 5 miles from the airport and we can pick you up if your flight arrives between noon and 4:30 PM on your check in day.
Kamp shuttles begin at noon about every 20 minutes and will pick you up outside of the baggage area at the curb.
Look for the Maryville College Van
Returning to the airport should be just as easy. We start running shuttles back to the airport at 8:00 AM on check out day. This will get you to a 9:30 flight. Earlier departures require a taxi and we will help you make the arrangements during Kamp. You must sign up for the shuttle when you check in, or outside the Kamp Store.

Flying With Your Instrument

Steve flew four to six planes every week and has found the best for him is to check his guitar in his Hoffee Case. This is nearly indestructible but important measures have been taken to insure its safety. Many, many instruments come to Kamp in factory hard shell cases. Use a roll of bubble wrap under the peg head which pushes the peg head slightly off it's cradle. This will help the weak area of the neck where it rests in the cradle of the case. Make sure the instrument does not slide inside the case. You can use T-Shirts stuffed around the instrument to snug it in the case.

If you are traveling with anything smaller than a guitar, simply bring it on the plane. Try to be one of the first people on the plane, either by Medallion status or tell them you need a little extra time. The later you wait to board the less chance you have to put your instrument overhead. Then you will "Gate Check" it. This is when you have your instrument at the gate and there is no room and you have to hand it to a worker to hand carry it down the steps and hand place it in baggage. When you get off the plane, your instrument is brought to you at the door of the plane. Steve has done this hundreds of times, still with no damage issues.

One last item for peace of mind. Call Heritage Insurance. They insure Steve's instruments and are the best folks to work with. Pennies on the dollar and zero deductible. Just in case something happens, you will be covered. Steve has not had a damage claim in 20 years and travels on many flights and you will no doubt have great success getting your instrument to Kamp either on board or gate checked.