What to Bring to Kamp

Bring your personal items for your comfort. Someone wrote to have me add slippers to this list. That is Your personal item. Think of what might make your life at Kamp easier or ask us.

An Audio Recorder: Be sure to bring a audio recorder or a mini disc recorder to record your classes and preserve your Kamp experience.


Video Camera: You can video the concerts if the artists have no objections. This will be let known at the beginning of their concert.

Instruments, picks, capo… multiple instruments are encouraged for better jams.

Linens: Bring your own. Be prepared to bring a pillow and sleeping bag or Twin Tall size sheets, blanket, wash cloths, towels along with soaps and shampoo. You may also want to bring a fitted mattress pad to avoid contact with the plastic covered mattress.

Linen Rentals are available but you need to reserve before  May 31 - no exceptions. The college needs to reserve them ten days in advance. Linen Sets include: bottom and top sheet, thin college blanket, small college pillow, tiny college washcloth and towel - Call 865-982-3808 to reserve before May 31.

Cost: $30 depending on college rate. This is paid on the registration form or you can decide before May 31 and we will add it to you bill at Kamp check in. To understand the use of the word "college" in this description, replace with "cheap".
Extra linen sets can also be ordered before May 31.

Trash Can for Your Room: The college will provide garbage bags for you to keep up with your trash but they do not supply trash cans. You may want to bring a small receptacle for your room.

Clothing: Our June temperature is generally between 70-95 Fahrenheit during the day and 60-70 degrees in the evening. The humidity is between 75% and 110% due to the Great Smoky Mountains 20 miles away. Bring appropriate clothing, raincoat, umbrella, comfortable shoes, etc.  Most classrooms are air conditioned. All dorm rooms are air conditioned. Classes are held in several buildings with up to a 5 minute walk. Stair climbing is necessary.   There is a laundry in most dorm buildings.

Communication Devices:  Wireless Internet is available throughout the campus. It is an open network calls SCOTTS.
We will get our passwords if anything changes, Monday morning at the College orientation.

A Flashlight: For getting around to those late night jams. We do have lights in Tennessee but this is just another something you may want to pack with you.

A Watch/Battery Powered Alarm Clock: (optional but advisable - late evenings with early morning risings.) No Wake Up Service is provided (g).

A Desk Lamp: The college dorms have only overhead lighting. A small bed lamp or desk lamp might be nice to have.

Spending Money (and lots of it): All of the instructors and performers will have tapes, CD’s and/or instructional books and DVDs for sale. All money goes to the artist and instructors (and the government, of course).

A Sharpie for Autographs!  

The Acoustic Kamp Store will have new items this year along with our Kamp Kazoos, Case Covers and Gig Bags, Tote Bags, Koosies, Instruments, Kamp Ear Plugs, Foam Seat Cushions (a survival necessity), Key Chains, Embroidered Kamp Ladies Golf Shirts, Embroidered Kamp Baseball Jackets, Embroidered Kamp Fleece Jackets, Case Stickers, Fishman Pick-ups, CD Holders and more. Along with a fresh stock of T-shirts, hats, batteries, Fanny-packs, sun glass holders, coffee mugs, guitar strings, picks, Capos, Tylenol, Kamp group photos and other camp souvenirs.

Please notify us if you have any special needs or concerns