Fees and Costs

The Student cost for each Kamp is $1012.75. This fee includes all classes, concerts, workshops, lifetime friendships, meals and Maryville College dorm style housing for Six Nights and Seven Days.

All Dorm rooms are based on Double Occupancy. You can order a private room with a possible shared bath for a $400 upcharge. Some rooms have private bath but rooms will be assigned on a first come basis.

Off campus rates are available but we strongly suggest you stay on campus for the full feel and effect of the Kamps. There is a $82.00 deduction for staying off campus.

Spouses and friends accompanying students are called Kompanions and their rate is less though they cannot attend any of the Main Classes or Master Classes. They can however enjoy all meals, bed, concerts, jam sessions, some afternoon events and the tours that Mountain Challenge offers.

Master Class - This is a class that you sign up for at Kamp, not separated by level or instrument, with one of the Master Instructors. Maximum of eight students per Master Class. You don't have to be a master on your instrument to take part in the Master Class.

A Breakdown Of All Rates

On Campus Kamper Rate - $1073.00

Off Campus Kamper Rate - $991.00

On Campus Kompanion - $570.00

Off Campus Kompanion - $480.00

Private Room Guaranteed (Private Bath is not Guaranteed) $400 Upcharge

Saturday Stay for Two Week Kampers and Kompanions - $95.00
Includes Saturday Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Breakfast
Bed and the Same Room Both Weeks

Linen Package - $25.00

College Sheets, Blanket, Pillow, Washcloth and Towel. We suggest you bring a real towel.

All Fees and Tax Included.

Old Time And Traditional Week - June 12-18, 2022

Fingerpicking - 3 Instructors
Flatpicking - 3 Instructors
Celtic Guitar - 1 Instructor
Irish Fiddle - 1 Instructor

Old Time Traditional Rhythm Guitar - 1 Instructor until class size reached 18, then a 2nd is added.
Old Time Fiddle - 2 Instructors. A 3rd may be added.
Old Time Mandolin - 1 Instructor
Old Time Banjo - 1 Instructor
Old Time Mountain Singing and Harmony - 1 Instructor
Mountain Dulcimer - 1 Instructor
Hammered Dulcimer - 2 Instructors

Bluegrass Week - June 19-25, 2022

Flatpicking - 5 Instructors - A 6th instructor may be added as class size grows
Swing and Western Swing Rhythm Guitar - 1 Instructor  
Dobro ™ - 2 Instructors. A 3rd may be added.
Bluegrass Banjo - 4 Instructors
Bluegrass Vocals - 2 Instructors
Ukulele - 2 Instructors.
    Tony A. will take the Beginners and Ultra Beginners and
    Lil Rev will take the intermediates and advanced.
Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar - 1 Instructor
Songwriting - 1 Instructor
Bass - 2 Instructors - One more may be added.
Mandolin - 6 Instructors
Bluegrass Fiddle - 3 Instructors

Our Kamp's class structure is unique and different from any other music camp in the world. When you register for the Kamp with your instrument of choice, you aren’t just signing up for one instructor - as is the case with most music camps. You are signing up for all the instructors for your instrument. You are divided by level and rotate through each of the instructor’s classes. The “Beginner 101” class does not rotate. “Beginner 101” students stay with the same instructor through the week.

If an instrument has one instructor, the student stays with that one instructor for the two main classes each day.
Final Schedule Subject To Change.

Kampers (Students) can enjoy all classes and seminars, concerts, jams, break out sessions. Everything the Kamp has to offer.
Kompanions may attend the various morning and afternoon jams, breakout sessions, concerts and meals with the exception of the afternoon Master Classes and Ensemble Groups. Kompanions may not attend the Main Classes or the afternoon Master Classes or Ensemble Groups.

Kampers only, no Kompanions, in the Master Classes or the 2-Hour Main Classes.