Covid-19 Response and Preparation for 2022

Donna and I and all of the Kamp Staff want you to know your safety and well being are our primary concerns during this period of Covid. We are in contact with the college for any changes that may occur to our current situation.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

NEW FOR 2022:
Every Kamper, Kompanion, staff and instructor in attendance must bring either their Covid Vaccination Card or a Negative PCR test paperwork taking 48 hours or less to show us at Check In. The PCR test needs to be documented through a doctor's office, pharmacy, or government testing site. Not a home test unless you have it verified by a medical professional.

We will have a smaller Kamp this year in order to give the CDC and the World Health Organization's guidelines of Social Distancing in the classrooms, cafeteria, concert halls and dorm rooms.

We will start by asking everyone attending to Self Quarantine or Isolate as much as possible for Two-Weeks Prior to Kamp

If you feel sick, Do not come to Kamp. Be sure to let us know. Even if it is at the last minute.

Download the COVID PDF and COVID release paperwork HERE

Be sure to print it out and bring the signature page with you to turn in at Check In.

We May Need to Wear masks at all times in public. Even in the cafeteria if you are not actually eating, during Jam Sessions and concerts.
We are talking about masks that hook to your ears. Not the scarf mask that pull up. These will not count or be permitted.
Double Layered Cloth Masks or N-95 masks or the like. We will have disposable masks to distribute if need be.

The college has Hand Sanitizer Stations easily within classroom reach. Be sure to use them and take advantage of them.

We are not sure of our concert location at this point (January 2022). We will have concerts each night.

We are planning a Contra Dance during Week One and we are still working on details of the big Kamp Ensemble.

Maryville College has worked diligently to create risk mitigation strategies for students to return.  And it is working!  We are having in-person classes, students have filled the dorms, and the cafeteria is feeding everybody!  Although we hope the pandemic is behind us by summer, we plan to institute these same strategies for the summer season.  Things may change, but it is best to plan for the worst, but hope and pray for the best.

The College is requiring several things to create a safe environment for everyone:

• Masks must be worn at all times

• Everyone should practice physical distancing

• Create touchless systems and eliminate sharing of items (papers, pens, equipment, etc.)

• Scheduling should allow for rooms to be cleaned in between sessions. This will vary for each event and will be discussed in individual meetings, but generally, 1 hour should be allowed.

Food & Beverage

In 2021, The cafeteria removed self-service buffet lines. All service areas allow campers to choose their meal items and a cafeteria worker make their plate. Some items like desserts and salads will be pre-plated.  

The tables were set so that everyone is physically distanced.  Larger tables may have plexiglass dividers so diners can sit together. The Profit Dining Room has been added to the general eating area, so it will no longer be a private dining room. Together the capacity of the dining room is 150-175. We have also calculated that it will take about 20 minutes to serve 75-100 people so mealtimes may need to be adjusted so that everyone has time to eat.

See the tab "The Food" in the left hand column for cafeteria protocol.


The capacity of every classroom has changed and depends upon the room setup and how people are seated. You will have spacing between you in the class.

Our primary goal is the safety and health of all our Kamp students, staff, our community and the College staff. For those students who do not comply, you will be asked to leave Kamp and the College with no refund.