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A guitar instructor and performer since 1974, Steve has written and recorded over 100 guitar and mandolin instructional books, videos and CD projects. He is a Three Time Champion of the National Flatpicking Championships held in Winfield, Kansas winning in 1978, 1984 and 1986.  He tours the globe year round conducting workshops and performing concerts. He is the chief organizer and driving force of this Kamp and with the aid of his wife, Donna Dixon, designed a Kamp that he would want to teach at or be a student of. He will patiently show you all he knows about flatpicking with enthusiasm and care.

Steve Kaufman Was Born Into A Musical Family In 1957. His Father Was A Jazz Piano Player And His Mother Was A Classically Trained Pianist. Music Was Always Around. At Four Steve Started Plinking At The Piano And Did So For Several Years. He Then Moved On To The Electric Guitar At 10 For A Few Years And Put It Away.

Next came the cello in 5th grade for a few years. After this Steve picked up the acoustic guitar again and blazed right through a "Folk Guitar" method book. When finished he thought if this is as hard as it gets it's not for him. Then his younger brother, Will, started playing the banjo and his instructor told him he needed a rhythm guitar player to help with his timing. So Steve then picked up his guitar again and got into the bluegrass rhythm. One day Will brought home a Flatt and Scruggs LP, which featured Doc Watson on guitar, and Steve was hooked on flatpicking.

Steve practiced hard with his newfound love of music, sometimes up to 8 hours a day. At age 18 he entered the National Flatpicking Championships in Winfield, KS and made the top 10. The following year was a wash. In 1977, Steve took 2nd place to Mark O'Connor and in 1978, at 21 years old, he returned to win the championship. Then after being barred for 5 years he returned on the 6th year to win the 1984 championships again. Winfield bars the winner for 5 years and they can come back on the 6th year but in 1986 they decided to open up the contest to everyone and not bar the past years champs. Steve returned to win his goal. He became the winner and the first and, at this writing, the only Three Time Winner of the National Flatpicking Championships. He is also noted to have 3 consecutive wins in the Nationals because he was barred all the years he did not enter. Steve returned to Winfield to compete in the Nationals is 2013 and won 2nd place and is on the road to being the only four time winner of the National Flatpicking Championships. Fingers Crossed.....