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Greg Booth's path to the dobro was a winding road that started with the banjo and lessons from banjo legend Bill Emerson. After a few years Greg's ambition turned to the pedal steel guitar and the last frontier, Alaska. A thriving music scene during the oil boom of the 70's and 80's gave him the chance to play as much as 7 nights a week and 7 hours a night for many years. That much time playing diverse music forged a style that is uniquely his own. When Greg finally picked up the dobro he hit the ground running, winning the RockyGrass dobro competition after playing the instrument just one year. Interest in Greg's dobro playing took off with his YouTube channel of 30+ dobro videos. Viewed about 1600 times daily it surpassed 2 million views in the fall of 2015. Greg has taught at many music camps in the US and abroad and records and tours with the California based Kathy Kallick Band. This will be his 2nd time at our Kamp.

Read what other players say about Greg:

Rob Ickes 2016
15 time IBMA Dobro Player of the Year

"I have always been impressed with Greg's playing. He is a master musician who brings a unique perspective to the Dobro, aided by his years of experience on other instruments such as banjo and pedal steel. I've been playing for a long time, and yet when I hear Greg play, I am inspired to think of new ways to approach songs. I appreciate the creativity and thought he has brought to this instrument, and I look forward to any new recording project he puts out."

Phil Leadbetter 2016
IBMA Dobro Player of the Year 2005, 2014

"I first knew Greg Booth through his videos on Youtube. His music really caught my ear because his approach was so different than any I had ever heard. His detailed melodies, tone and attack just made me want to hear more. I finally met Greg at ResoSummit a few years back, where we both served as instructors. After that weekend, I not only found a new favorite player, but also a dear friend. I have heard Greg on video, heard him play live, and listened to him teach. He never ceases to amaze me. Constantly creating and playing just what a song needs. With The Kathy Kallick Band he becomes another voice. He has brought a whole new sound to the resonator guitar......and I like it !!!!"