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Gina Furtado Born and raised in the Shenandoah Valley, Gina began her musical journey at age 5 with Classical piano lessons. Upon discovering the banjo    several years later at the Galax Fiddlers Convention, she quickly changed gears along with her siblings, and they began touring up and down the east    coast as what Bluegrass Today has dubbed "the absurdly talented Furtado Family." Gina has played with a number of bands, including Blue Light Special,    New Girls Night Out, Nash Street, and Bud's Collective, and currently tours full time with Chris Jones and the Night Drivers.    
She is a featured artist on "The Patuxent Banjo Project," and has recorded on over half a dozen albums to date, including her own solo project which    was released in 2017. Her fresh approach to the banjo demonstrates a strong focus on musicality, dynamics and precision, and she is accomplished in    a variety of styles ranging from Scruggs to melodic and beyond. As a teacher, Gina is down to earth and a strong believer in teaching primarily by ear.