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World Virtual Bluegrass Banjo Contest


Step 1. Visit HERE and pay the $20.00 registration fee.

Step 2: Post Videos Between the Dates Specific to your Contest of Interest. Post to YouTube as an UNLISTED video and copy link to the appropriate contest Facebook page in the COMMUNITY Tab

·    Late submissions will not be considered even if the registration fee has already been paid. NO refunds will be issued.

·    On Monday, the week of the contest, paid registrants will receive the submission email of instructions for YouTube submission, and the link for the Facebook event.

·    Any video submissions received without payment will be deleted.

·    Any videos submitted can be used by the World Virtual Contests for promotional purposes.


Preliminary-round contestants should submit ONE registration and ONE video of ONE

tune or song of no more than THREE MINUTES in length. Contest entries may be

played solo or may feature one accompanist.

At the beginning of the video entry, contestants MUST announce their names and the

date of submission, and they should indicate that the video is for the Virtual World

(Say Your Instrument Here) Contest. This protocol is meant to eliminate the possibility of old videos being reused. 

The judges want to hear new performances! Contestants’ faces and their instruments should be in full view of the camera.

Videos MUST be placed on the contest Facebook Community page you are entering or uploaded as an unlisted YouTube video and the link pasted on the Community page.



·    Medleys will not be accepted or judged. Play one song and do not combine songs.

·    Players who have won1st, 2nd or 3rd place in the National Flatpicking Contest at the Winfield, Kansas are not eligible to enter.


40 points 

ARRANGEMENT – Contestant’s version of the tune selected. Is it

appropriate to the tune and arrangement? Is the tune selected in keeping with the flavor of the Contest? Is the arrangement original, for the most part, to the contestant, or is it someone else’s known arrangement?

40 points

2. EXECUTION & ARTICULATION – Are the notes buzzing and muddy, or are they clear and distinct? Tone – Are the notes full or thin sounding?

Timing – Is the tempo steady and constant?

Dexterity – Are the notes played in difficult positions up and down the fingerboard or is the piece played for the most part in first and/or second position?

Tuning – Is the instrument in tune with itself and relatively close to concert pitch of A=440?

10 points 

3. EXPRESSION, DYNAMICS – The music should be played with life and feeling.

10 points 

4. OVERALL IMPRESSION – Paragraphs 1 through 3 are considered at this point.




The judging panel will consist of three judges with considerable professional

experience playing and judging Bluegrass Banjo. Each judge will keep separate scores and will not discuss scoring during the contest. The three judges’ scores will be added together to determine the total score for each contestant. Contestant scores will not be made publicly available. All decisions made by the judges are final.

The TOP FIVE contestants will be determined and announced on Tuesday after the contest at 3:00 PM Eastern time on the World Virtual Bluegrass Banjo Facebook Page, in the discussion tab:

In the event of a tie in the finals an additional video will be requested.



·    The top five contestants will enter a separate final round of competition. 

·    Finalists should submit ONE video of TWO tunes EACH a MAXIMUM OF 5 MINUTES in length.

·    Finalists are allowed to retune or change guitars between selections; however, the camera must remain rolling. This requirement is meant to mimic the final round of a “live” contest, in which the two selections are played back-to-back, and to encourage a timely transition from one selection to the next. Otherwise, the same rules,video submission guidelines, and judging criteria will apply to this round;however, each tune or song will be separately judged.

·    Instructions for submitting final-round videos will be provided to finalists. 

·    Submissions will be accepted starting on the Thursday, After the First Round, at 9:00 AM EDT and will CLOSE on the following Friday at 3:00 PM EDT. 

·    Late submissions will not be considered.

·    The final-round videos will be LIVE-STREAMED to the World Virtual Contest Facebook pages or theFacebook page of the specific contest. TBA, on the Saturday following the Finals deadline at 7:00 PM EDT. 

·    The AWARDS will be determined and announced at the conclusion of the broadcast.