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Acoustic Kamp Faculty - Bluegrass Week

June 17-23, 2018

All of the instructors are well known for their individual and unique picking and teaching styles. They were carefully chosen for their talents- not only as musicians but also for their instructional expertise, easy-going attitude, andapproach-ability. Hundreds of topics will be discussed, thoroughly examined and instructed.

The Flatpicking Team - Week Two

All styles of flatpicking will be be taught during this week.

Bluegrass Guitar Rhythm

Rob will be teaching the Traditional Rhythm Guitar Class. If a second instructor is added, students will rotate between instructors for a fuller, deeper and richer rhythm experience.

This class will be for the guitarist that is very comfortable changing chords and wants to add bass runs, bass walks, a more solid back up, learning how song structures work, backing up the band and backing up a singer and more. This class will begin with one instructor and as the class size grows, a second will be introduced.

The Mandolin Team

All styles of mandolin picking will be taught during this week.

Bluegrass Banjo Team

All styles of three finger banjo picking will be taught this week.

Bluegrass Fiddle Team

Three unbelievable Bluegrass Fiddle instructors. This is going to be a great year for Bluegrass Fiddle. Choose your level and get ready for your playing to move on to the next level.

The Dobro Team

Three unbelievable Resophonic guitar instructors for three truly separated levels of beginner, intermediate and advanced students. This is going to be a great year for Reso guitar. Choose your level and get ready for your playingto move on to the next level.

Songwriting Instructor

(Class Size Limited to 15): Learn the craft of songwriting by this Legendary Americana Songwriter.

The Bass Team

Two unbelievable Bass instructor/performers will teach this year. The class will be divided into Beginner /Lower Intermediate (Group 1) and Upper Intermediate/Advanced (Group 2)
No amps will be provided. It is expected for the student to use an acoustic bass. Basses may be rented from Wilhoit Music and they deliver and pick up. Write them at wstrings@comcast.net


This class will be for all levels of Ukulele students. 20 Students maximum in the class. Another instructor may be added.

Bluegrass Vocal Class

Focusing on the technical aspects of singing - exercises, breathing, control, harmony, melody and all facets of group singing. Students will rotate to each instructor.

Beginner 101 Group Class Instructor (Mandolin, Guitar, Bluegrass Banjo and Fiddle)

Annie will teach all instruments the same songs and chords in a fun, non-competitive, easy pace so that you can get comfortable on your instrument, practice through the year and register next year in the full rotation class.

Contra Dance Leader

No items found. We may have a Contra Dance mid week if all things work out just right.

Slow Jam and Band Scramble Ko-Koordinator and General Kamp Liaisons

Leading the Tune of the Day, The Jam Elements Class, the Medium Jam, The Post Concert Evening Open Mic and the infamous Band Scramble.

Note: Keith is asking for volunteer help leading the Isaac's Jam on a few nights. Talk to Keith at Kamp if you are interested.

Specialty Jam and Beginner Jam Koordinator

Special Slow Jam and Beginner Jam Koordinator We have a special Slow Jam and Beginner's Jam Koordinator to help you to greet the day with a morning jam, and also jam into the night. Plus, a couple of moderate paced fiddle tune jams throughout the day.

Scheduled Bluegrass and Fiddle Tune Jams with Tony are:

8:30-9:30am - Slow Bluegrass Jam - >100 BPM All Instruments
1-1:45pm - Mid-Day Fiddle Tune and Vocals Jam. Open to all levels All Instruments
4:15-5:15 - Medium Fiddle Tune and Vocals Jam. Open to All Levels All Instruments
10:30-11:30 - Slow Bluegrass Jam - <100 BPM All Instruments

Morning Mountain Dulcimer Instructor

Mike will teach this special class is for all levels of players interested in Mountain Dulcimer. It is a one hour class each morning 8:30-9:30am. There is an added charge of $35 for the class. Rental dulcimers are available for $25.00 which goes towards the purchase of any Mike Clemmer Hand Built Dulcimers

Kamp Doctor

One of the countries best luthiers will be on hand to tweak, glue, bend, stretch, mend, refret and more to your instrument.

Kamp Massage Therapist

Tina Becker and Chas Barber are Licensed Massage Therapist on hand to take care of those aches and pains. We gotta take care of those arms, hands and shoulders AND our spouses. Everyone gets pampered at SKAK