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  • Shubb Capo Lite

    Shubb Capo Lite

    Less than half the weight of an original Shubb capo

    The Shubb Lite is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It weighs less than one ounce. Steve started using this capo in the summer of 2012 and quickly became his favorite capo! It weighs close to nothing!

    Is a Lightweight capo for you? Maybe. Some people associate a certain amount of heft with quality, while many others feel that a capo should be as light as possible.

    Neither opinion is right or wrong; it's a matter of choice. If a lighter weight capo is to your liking, and that of your instrument, then the Shubb Lite is definitely the capo for you!

    Four Colors to Choose From - Steve's Blue or Red, Violet and Green


    • $27.00
    Capo Color