Tools of the Trade

  • Intellitouch PT-10c - Tuner with Clock

    Intellitouch PT-10c - Tuner with Clock

    This is a tuner that Steve has been asking for since 2000. A tuner with a clock. Simple? No, but worth waiting for and cheap too!

    The vibration based, clip on PT10-C tuner ignores ambient noise delivering accurate fast tuning in a compact size for electric and acoustic guitars, basses, violins, banjos, mandolins and more. You will find its large, back lit screen easy to read in almost any environment. As the correct pitch is reached the lit screen changes from red to green clearly indicating the correct note has been reached.

    The PT10-C is an advanced version of Intellitouch’s popular PT10 tuner. This new edition adds a digital clock function allowing musicians to discreetly check the time on stage or during a lesson. The PT10-C tuner uses one long lasting CR2032 battery which is included. All Intellitouch tuners come with a limited lifetime warranty.

    • $30.00