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  • Tennessee Waltz - 3 Level Guitar Lesson-Audio

    Tennessee Waltz - 3 Level Guitar Lesson-Audio

    Tennessee Waltz - Key of D

    C Position - Capo 2nd Fret

    Learn this classic waltz from the World's Guitar Instructor.
    Steve Kaufman has created three different levels of instruction for this great tune.
    Written in the Key of C includes simple chords for the beginner verion and more intricate chords as the lesson progresses.

    Level: All - Written for Flatpicking Guitar - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced
    6 Pages of PDF Notes and Tab and 34 minutes of MP3 audio instructions
    You will first get tuned up with the Champ. Then you will hear the song in it's entirely with the rhythm section in the right speaker and the lead played in the left speaker. Next we dive into the lessons. They deal with right hand and left hand techniques and ideas for future play and much more.
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