Kamp Scholarships

Kamp Scholarships 

Harry Moore Kamp Scholarship

Some Kamp scholarships are available based on several factors. Need and age being just two. Harry Moore runs the Scholarship program. He collects the applications and then forwards them on to 6-7 folks who understand the Kamp and will go through them and sort them out. 

For a Kamp Scholarship Application click the PDF file below.

Kamp Scholarship Application Kamp Scholarship Application (74 KB)

Register early and good luck.

These are the current timelines.

March 21: Applications Postmarked

March 25: Apps sent to the panel for review

April 10: Applications Awarded

Harry Moore has been heading up the Kamp Scholarship Fund since 2001. Thank you to Harry for his tireless efforts to make sure folks who otherwise could not attend Kamp, attend Kamp. Harry has facilitated dozens of folks to attend Kamp.