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  • The Best Of The Kamp Concert Series Volume 5

    The Best Of The Kamp Concert Series Volume 5

    2 CD Set

    Recorded Live at Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamps 
    The Best of the Kamp Koncert Series 2002

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    This is CD Set No. Five in one of the most incredible concert series every captured to tape. It was very difficult this year sorting out all the unbelievable concerts. They were recorded between June 10-22, 2002 at Steve KaufmanÕs Acoustic Kamp. When the job of selecting material began, we had to first listen through 23 hours of concerts. Then we had to narrow it down to the best materials. This number was 53 songs. We then had to narrow that down to the 38 songs you have before you. Maybe some year we will have ÒThe Best of the Music That DidnÕt Make It CD SetÓ. Your job is a whole lot easier than ours was Ð you just have to sit back and relax and listen to the music. Imagine yourself in a world of music for an entire week. ItÕs a blast and if you havenÕt been here for the Kamp Series Ð make plans to be with us next June.

    You may have noticed the Gold Award on the front cover of this CD. This is an award that Donna and I are most proud of. It comes from a readerÕs poll in Acoustic Guitar Magazine. It means that you, our friends and fans and public voted our Kamp to be the ÒBest Camps, Conferences and SeminarsÓ. Donna and I have both worked very hard and honestly to provide an instructional getaway that is the best of its kind in the world. We designed the Kamp to be one that I would want to be a teacher at and a student of. I feel we have produced the richest acoustic instructional gathering as well as one of the greatest Concert Series in the world. It is totally different than anything else and has grown to the greatest in a short period of time. It is an incredible product at a very fair price and that has always been a winning combination. Take a look at my site to see if the Kamp is for you.

    On behalf of Donna Dixon and myself Ð the Kamp Ko-Directors, we would like to thank all the people that make the Kamp possible. Thanks to all of the students and instructors in attendance as well as the Koncert goers. Thanks to all the people behind the scenes: Mark Kaufman, Linda Thomas, Jeff Scheafnocker, Jimmy Davis, Mark Neumann, Liz Smith, Sarah Pirkle, Alain Dalies, Jessica Long, all of the performers, Baker Vaughn, Hiwassee Ridge, John and Cindy Studdard, Stacy Wilson, Co-Mando, Flatpick-L and all the spouses that support the efforts so that this is all possible.

     The Selections include:
     CD 1
     1. Rights Of Man Medley Ð Steve Kaufman and Tony McManus
     2. Lament of De Vincent Ð Tony McManus
     3. Angeline The Baker Ð Mark Johnson, Robin Bullock and Steve Kaufman
     4. Lonesome Fiddle Banter Ð Kenny Smith
     5. Lonesome Fiddle Ð Kenny Smith and Steve Kaufman
     6. Birds & Ships (Woody Guthrie) Ð Marcy Marxer and Cathy Fink
     7. Little Rabbit/Arkansas Traveler /Miss McLeodÕs Reel Ð John Reischman, Robin Bullock and Butch Baldassari
     8. Caravan Ð Bill Keith and John Carlini
     9. Cherokee Morning Ð Bill Mize
     10. Eddie Pennington Speaks-
     11. Down Yonder Ð Eddie Pennington and Steve Kaufman
     12. Waltz De Carlo Y Beppe Ð Carlo Aonzo and Beppe Gambetta
     13. Rosewood Casket Ð Linda Thomas, Steve Kaufman and Rolly Brown
     14. Hung My Head & Cried Ð Amanda and Kenny Smith
     15. Atlanta Blues Ð Stephen Bennett
     16. SoldierÕs Joy Ð Gary Davis, Mark Johnson and Steve Kaufman
     17. The Seven Days Of Kamp Kaufman - Companions Lament
     CD 2
     1. Over The Rainbow Ð Eddie Pennington   
     2. Tattooed Lady Ð Steve Kaufman and Tommy Emmanuel
     3. When Time Draws Near- Cathy Fink  
     4. Spinning Wheels/Whiskey Before Breakfast/Ragtime Annie- Steve Kaufman  
     5. Neapolitan Serenade Ð Beppe Gambetta and Carlo Aonzo 
     6. Old Fashioned Love Song Ð Tommy Emmanuel 
     7. Belles of Down Yonder Ð Gary Davis and Steve Kaufman 
     8. Preacher & The Bear Ð Eddie Pennington  
     9. The Whole World Polska Ð Niles and Debbie Hokkenan 
     10. Wayfaring Stranger Ð Rolly Brown    
     11. A Heart That Will Never Break Ð Amanda and Kenny Smith
     12. ChockinÕ The Strings- Bill Evans, John Reischman and Mark Cosgrove 
     13. Clan of Ulster - Tony McManus   
     14. Dark Wind of Oklahoma (Chris Jones) Ð Mark Cosgrove  
     15. Yesterday Ð Stephen Bennett and Tommy Emmanuel
     16. Shalom Alecheim Ð Tony McManus and Carlo Aonzo 
     17. Longer You Wait Ð Hiwassii Ridge    
     18. 8 More Miles To Louisville- Eddie Pennington 
     19. Auld Long Syne- Bill Keith and John Carlini
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