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  • The Best Of The Kamp Concert Series Volume 4

    The Best Of The Kamp Concert Series Volume 4

    2 CD Set

    Recorded Live at Steve Kaufman's Acoustic Kamps

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    Steve Kaufman Presents The Best of the Kamp Koncert Series 2001 As IÕve said before, the only place this much music can take place is either Kamp Kaufman or Heaven. As a guitarist I can say that I am humbled every year by the talent at the Kamps. Not only the instructors and performers but by the students themselves. We meet new friends each year and see old friends return. ItÕs like nothing I have ever seen before. A bonding takes place in June each year at the Kamp that cannot be described here. The year of this recording was the first year the Flatpicking Kamp sold out with200 flatpickers, the mandolin Kamp had 97 enrolled and the Banjo Kamp had 68. ThatÕs a lot of students and the instructors handled it beautifully. We teach music during the day and when the sun goes down the Kamp Koncerts begin. It is truly a magical series. Recorded June 11-23, 2001 during Steve KaufmanÕs Acoustic Kamps. This is a kamp with the worldÕs most stellar instructors who are also incredible performers and great people to hang around with. The Acoustic Kamp takes place each year in June at Maryville College, Maryville TN.

    The Song Selection-
    CD 1
    Blackberry Rag - Robert Shafer and Steve Kaufman
    Slow Creek - Beppe Gambetta
    Little Jackie Wilson - Robin Bullock and Butch Baldassari
    Temptation Rag - Steve Kaufman
    Oh, Mio Babbino Caro - Carlo Aonzo and Beppe Gambetta
    John's Gershwin Medley - John Carlini
    Frosty Morn - Uwe and Jens Kruger
    When I Come Home - Jeff Barbra and Sarah Pirkle
    Pent-Up House - Gary Davis, Don Stiernberg and Steve Kaufman
    Kentucky Waltz - Linda Thomas, Dan DeLancey and Steve Kaufman
    Sweet Sue - Rolly Brown and John Carlini
    Beaumont Rag - Robert Shafer and Steve Kaufman
    Psalm of Life - Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer
    Whispering - Janet and Jim Davis
    Mazulka #6 - Carlo Aonzo and Beppe Gambetta
    Sunny Side Of The Street - Don Steirnberg and Steve Kaufman

    CD 2
    Little Martha Stewart - Stephen Bennett
    Colored Aristocracy - Mark Johnson and Steve Kaufman
    Country Dance Tunes - Robin Bullock and Butch Baldassari
    Alabama Jubilee - Mark Cosgrove and Steve Kaufman
    Joshua - Hiwassee Ridge
    Cielo Stellato Notturno - Carlo Aonzo
    When I Grow Too Old To Dream - Robert Shafer and Steve Kaufman
    Feuding KrŸgers - Uwe and Jens Kruger
    Caravan - John Carlini and Stephen Bennett
    Honky Tonk Swing - Mike Compton
    Tennessee Waltz - Gary Davis and Steve Kaufman
    Golden Slippers/ Saint AnneÕs Reel/ SoldierÕs Joy - Robin Bullock, Butch Baldassari and Steve Kaufman
    Sir Charles Cook - Robin Bullock
    Saint Louis Blues - Don Stiernberg and Steve Kaufman
    Sonata In Love - Beppe Gambetta 
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