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  • Goodnight Waltz - CD

    Goodnight Waltz - CD

    With National Guitar Champ Mark Cosgrove
    and special guest-Rusty Holloway on Bass

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    The Song Selections are:

    •Big Scioty - Traditional
    •The Cuckoo's Nest - Traditional
    •Old Dangerfield - Bill Monroe
    •Farewell Blues - Paul Mares, Leon Roppolo, Elmer Schoebel
    •Molly Bloom - Alan Munde
    •Dayley's Reel - Traditional
    •Dixie Hoedown - Jim and Jesse McReynolds
    •Goodnight Waltz - Traditional
    •Lonesome Fiddle Blues - Millie & Vassar Clement
    •Pan Handle Rag - Leon McAuliffe
    •The Girl I Left Behind Me/ Texas Gales/Big Sandy River - Traditional
    •Greenleaf Fancy - Norman Blake
    •Angelina Baker - Traditional
    •Sail Away Ladies - Traditional
    •Dixie Breakdown - Don Reno, Jimmie Lunsford

    Give us a listen to and hear for yourself the fun two blazing National Champ pickers can have laying down tracks for you all. Lots of Twin Picking and Hot Tunes! I can't believe how fast Mark played on Dixie Breakdown! Wow!

    Review: April 26, 2010

    The only thing better than one great guitarist is two great guitarists. And, that's what you get with "Goodnight Waltz." National Flatpicking Champions, Steve Kaufman and Mark Cosgrove, display wicked jaw dropping technique. The collaboration is a phenomenal celebration of their friendship and joy of music. It's best when given your undivided attention but it can be enjoyed at any time in any manner you choose to listen. Highly recommended.

    By Bob Mitchell
    Radio Bluegrass International and WKWC-FM

    Review from Dave Freeman of Country Sales:

    June, 2012

    We must have missed the original release of this record, which actually came out in 2010. But it’s not too late to point out that there’s some really great flat pick guitar work on this 15-tune package that features the playing of two national Guitar champions.  There’s a great list of tunes here, and they are well arranged and brilliantly played—some feature amazingly fast picking, but it is always tasteful and appropriate, and not the ragged, helter-skelter sounds that plague some of today;’s younger musicians who seem to want to set records for notes played per minute).  Some personal favorites here are CUCKOO’S NEST, PANHANDLE RAG, ANGELINA BAKER and DALEY’S REEL, but all the tracks here are good.

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