Kamp Mechandise

  • Kamp Gig Bag Mandolin

    Kamp Gig Bag Mandolin

    Official Kamp Colorado Case Mandolin Gig Bag
    Fits A or F Models

    The Cadilac of the gig bags. American made and a limited lifetime guarantee.
    Steve has used the same gig bag for 20 years and it is still holding up like a brand new one.
    The most protection a soft case can give. Insulated and includes an outside pounch, an inside pounch and back strap/sling.
    We stock a few of these through the year but totally restock with more colors at Kamp time.

    Cleaning: Surface dirt on all Colorado Case, Small Dog & Cavallaro products can be removed with a damp towel.  A gentle fabric cleaner can be used if needed.  For extremely dirty case covers, they can be washed by hand or in a gentle washing machine cycle.  It is important to only use cold water and to air dry.  Heat may cause your cover to shrink.  Soft cases should never be machine washed or dry cleaned.  The Cordura shell of rigid cases can be removed and cleaned like a case cover if necessary.

    Colorado Case brand soft cases and case covers come with a lifetime warranty, for the original purchaser, against all material or workmanship failures.  Repair or replacement is the sole decision of Colorado Case Company.  Failures deemed to be the result of abuse or neglect are not covered.

    • $180.00
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