Tony Anthonisen

Tony has been developing his skills as a guitar flatpicker and jam leader for many years. He's attended several of Steve Kaufman's workshops and Kamps and other guitar camps around the country. Tony has been a jam leader at Kamp Kaufman for a number of years. 

Jammers will use Steve Kaufman's Kamp Manual and 4 Hour Bluegrass Workout Volumes One and Two as a resource for his Fiddle tune jams, and Tony recommends purchasing a copy if you've not already done so. Tony has a list of tunes and songs for the week. Download the list HERE 

Scheduled Bluegrass and Fiddle Tune Jams with Tony are:
8:30-9:30am - Slow Bluegrass Jam - <100 BPM 
1-1:45pm - Mid-Day Fiddle Tune Jam. Open to all levels
4:15-5:15 - Medium Fiddle Tune Jam. Open to All Levels
10:30-11:30 - Slow Bluegrass Jam - <100 BPM

Tons of Monitored Jamming at SKAK. You will have a blast!