Todd Hallawell

Todd Hallawell has received multiple awards as a guitarist through his career including the prestigious National Fingerstyle Guitar Championship in Winfield, Kansas. Todd’s exceptional musical range has become well known throughout the music world and his recordings and productions have been selected for both film and theatrical presentations.
His three albums, Before My Time, From Nashville & Back and his latest project, Ear Candy, recorded with West Virginia flat-picker Robin Kessinger, have all won critical acclaim.
Hallawell is one of those musicians who feels at home with just about any style of music. This is primarily due to his broad musical exposure growing up, but also to the many hats he has worn during his musical career. Since receiving a performance degree on the classical guitar, he has worked as a music teacher, composer/arranger, recording engineer, music editor, producer, and record label owner. But it is his work with Fingerstyle Guitar that will always be remembered. Todd entertains audiences at concerts and festivals throughout the US and abroad and is a long-time performer at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society (CAAS) in Nashville.