Murphy Henry

Murphy Henry is known to bluegrass banjo students around the world for her "Murphy Method" videos, which focus on learning to play 3-finger style by ear. Murphy has written the "General Store" column for Bluegrass Unlimited magazine for the past 18 years, has written a monthly column in Banjo Newsletter since 1983, and now edits and publishes her own Women in Bluegrass quarterly newsletter. She has been an instructor at the Tennessee Banjo Institute, the Maryland Banjo Academy, Steve Kaufman's Banjo Kamp, Augusta Heritage Bluegrass Week, the Huck Finn Bluegrass Camp, Bill Evans' J.D.Crowe Camp, and the Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival. She was also selected for inclusion in the book Masters of the 5-String Banjo. She and her husband Red Murphy have recorded 10 record albums and cassettes, and they can often be heard around their home in Winchester, Virginia playing with their bluegrass band Red and Murphy & Co. Her one solo CD is called M and M Blues.