Ken and Virginia Miller

Specializing in fretted instruments, we design and build each individually handmade instrument with an endless variety of options available to the customer - including woods (and extra fancy woods), inlays of shell, stone, metals and wood, and carving. We enjoy building with traditional materials, and are proud that the Brazilian Rosewood, Koa, and Ivory that we use are all from salvage or renewable harvest sources, so as not to contribute to the global depletion of these materials - while honoring those already harvested by recycling. These instruments are our interpretations of traditional art and designs which have inspired us and others.

Ken have been Week One Kamp Doctors for years and always bring some of their instruments for display and sale. If you go to you can search their archives and read about Steve's Ken Miller guitar #100 whom we call Hunnert.

This year will mark the first year that Ken is the Kamp Doctor Chief of Staff with Virginia helping as well.