Jim Pankey

Jim has been playing and teaching banjo since 1977. He has been a contributor to the premier banjo publication The Banjo Newsletter. You will also find him listed among the faculty alumni at highly esteemed acoustic music and banjo camps such as Steve Kaufman’s Acoustic Kamp in Maryville, Tennessee, Banjo Newsletter Workshops and The Maryland Banjo Academy in Buckeystown, Maryland.  Jim has recently taught classes at the Folk School of Chattanooga.

As a master of several styles, Jim has found outlets for each of these in the musical community. He is the banjo player for the well known bluegrass group The Lone Mountain Band. He performs regularly in an old time fiddle & banjo duo playing for contra-dances and other functions. Jim also spends time offering online assistance to beginner banjo players via the internet.  Jim has also recently been seen performing with the Dogtrotters and the Jack Pine Savages.

Jim is an active and well respected member of the banjo and musical communities and continues to pursue the banjo’s music and its marvelous history. As an often reluctant yet always fierce competitor Jim’s banjo prowess has earned him many titles in contests all across the southeast.