Finn Magill

By age 16 Andrew Finn Magill was a two- time finalist at the All-Ireland Championships and he is equally proficient in several American folk idioms such as old-time and bluegrass. In 2011 he produced a Fulbright-MtvU funded concept album about AIDS with Afro-vibes artist from Malawi Peter Mawanga. He currently leads his own quartet of Brazilian choro, O Finno , co-leads Violino no Choro and many other projects around his native Asheville.

In 2016 he launched a two-part concept album Roots (UPC: 700261440644) and Branches (UPC: 700261440743) which chart Magill's musical progression in Irish music. Roots features guest appearances by

John Doyle, Colin Farrell and Cillian Vallelly (Lúnasa) and Sean Earnest (The Yanks), and debuted at #47 on the Folk DJ charts to critical acclaim:
"Serene and incredibly soulful, Andrew Finn Magill encounters the tradition in a manner reminiscent of Keith Jarrett on The Melody at Night With You." -Siobhan Long, The Irish Times
"Andrew Finn Magill is proud of his Irish roots, obviously, and does them full justice here in a sparkling selection of mainly old tunes with a handful of more recent compositions, all by acknowledged Irish masters."
-Alex Monaghan The Living Tradition
"On Roots, the dominant accent is that of Counties Clare and Sligo, in fiddle playing that is fresh, vital, and fleet."
-Michael Quinn, Songlines
Branches features Paul McKenna and Seán Gray (The Paul McKenna Band), Grant Gordy (The David Grisman Quintet), Duncan Wickel (The Rondo Rigs), David Brown (Rising Appalachia), Vincent Fogarty (The Red Wellies), Dan Iannucci, and Micah Thomas.
"About the time I got to the middle of Track 4, I decided I could not listen to "Branches" on my little car's simple radio anymore... I had to get home to listen to it on the stereo. And why? because "Branches" is wonderful. The tunes Finn's written are melodic and heartfelt, and the arrangements are gorgeous. Every note, chord, and beat captivates and delights. There's a globe of influences whittled down here to one fiddler's vision, and the result is a wonderful perfection of an album."
-Liz Carroll

He has toured the U.S. and Canada with the Glasgow-based Paul McKenna Band, the 2009 Scots Trad Music winners of “Best Up and Coming Band” and has performed internationally with African music icon Peter Mawanga. In 2011- 2012 he toured through out France with the popular French Dance revue "Celtic Dances" under the musical direction of Liz Knowles & Kieran O'Hare.
In 2009, Andrew Finn received a Fulbright-MtvU Fellowship to co-write and co-produce an album that musically captures ten experiences of HIV/AIDS through song in Malawi, Southern Africa. The result, Mau a Malawi: Stories of AIDS was released on October 14th, 2011 at the University of North Carolina’s Memorial Hall. Sales from Mau a Malawi are invested in programs to keep vulnerable Malawian children in school and empower them through the arts.

“The inspiring cross-cultural performances on this beautiful album “Mau A Malawi: Stories of AIDS” remind us of the human cost of this disease as well as the imperative to unite in creating an AIDS-free generation. —Ambassador Eric Goosby, U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator
Since moving to Rio de Janeiro in 2014, Magill has been deeply immersed in Brazil's Choro tradition, a highly technical instrumental genre emerging out of Rio in the late 1800's. He has since started many Brazilian projects including his own quartet O FInno and Violino no Choro. In 2017 he will be launching an album of all Brazilian-inspired originals.
Andrew Finn has years of experience teaching fiddle/violin in a range of styles.

Over the years he has taught many private students as well as at many private music camps including the Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp, the Swannanoa Gathering's Celtic and Fiddle Weeks, O'Flaherty Irish Music Youth Camp, Common Ground on the Hill, Goderich Celtic Roots, Old Songs, and the ETSU Summer fiddle Camp.

"Finn is like a music professor with endless patience and encouragement for his students." -Former Student

"Andrew is an amazing fountain of information about Celtic music – what a memory! – he could be teaching at a doctoral level. It was, obviously, important to him that we all took some knowledge and skill away with us this week." -Former student

"Finn was just the instructor I needed to help me feel comfortable playing in front of others, missed notes and all. I feel that now I have a real foundation to embellish my music with slurs, etc. And he made class fun." -Former Student

"Andrew Finn is a wonderful instructor. It was a relatively small class (around 12 people) and he gave many of us individual
attention. I was the newest person to the fiddle (one year) and he made it a point to keep making corrections. He clearly loves what he does and wanted to pass on his passion. We all loved him in return. I hope he’s teaching again next year." -Former Student

"Finn is a very good teacher. Showed us the ornaments I wanted and save saved us plenty of repetitions so as to fix them in our minds. He’s patient and respectful of our limitations." - Former Student
"A 10! Excellent kind and organized teacher." - Former Student