Emory Lester

EMORY LESTER has been a notable fixture in the acoustic mandolin world for the past four decades, and is an innovator of mandolin technique and a renowned creative artist, multi-instrumentalist, and instructor. His large body of recorded work has placed him among the elite mandolinist of our time. The power and attack of his mandolin playing are unmatched, and his sound is infectious. He has inspired and influenced many of our current generation's mandolin players, and pointed the way with his clean, clear, fast and efficient mandolin technique.

Emory has performed across the U.S., Canada, Europe, U.K. and Czech Republic, with Clawgrass banjoist Mark Johnson, Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa, his own 'Emory Lester Set', his 'Emory Lester & Jill Jones Band', as well as a roster of famous notables such as Del McCoury, Tony Rice, Steve Martin (on the David Letterman Show), Babik Reinhardt (son of Django), and recently Jim Hurst, to name a few.
He has produced a long and impressive body of recorded works of his own music and with many others, with two new releases, 'Mark Johnson & Emory Lester – Acoustic Milestones 20 Years', and 'Emory Lester with Special Guest Jill Jones – On Christmas Night', as well as his recently released 'At Dusk' solo recording, all showcasing Emory's musical creativity, and skill as a mandolinist/multi-instrumentalist.

A sought-after instructor of mandolin, banjo and guitar, Emory has a world-wide roster of online students subscribed to his one-on-one Skype lesson program. Teaching since 1978, his unique and thorough approach to training his students has yielded countless success stories, with many of his students being with him for periods in excess of five years. He has instructed at prestigious music camps and workshops in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the U.K. for the past 15 years.