Dave Firestine

Dave Firestine is a versatile musician known for his clean rhythmic style and his gift for getting the most out of a tune. He has a knack for syncopation and drive on reels, but also a poignant sense of timing on Waltzes and Aires. Dave is a primary host of the Tucson Irish session, Tucson Old time Session, and the Tucson Open band. He has a talent for leading sessions in many settings so that all attending can participate and enjoy playing together.  He is well known for leading great jams at the Walnut Valley Festival Carp Camp jams in Winfield Kansas, where he often brings tunes that have a unique twist, or sets that introduce interesting changes of tempo or keys. Dave also brings the experience of playing within a band setting. He is a member of many bands, including STEAM!, The Privy Tippers, Púca, and Prairie Dog Picnic.  

Dave has been teaching mandolin both privately and in group settings at festivals, dance weekends, and music camps for nearly 20 years.  His teaching emphasizes the importance of consistent pick direction to bring out the inherent rhythmic phrasing of tunes.  He also works with chord progressions, developing variations, and incorporating rhythmic backing into the tunes. In addition to playing mandolin, Dave plays bouzouki, tenor banjo, guitar, and bodhran. 

Dave has also held the post as a Senior Gyzmologist building lightning detection systems in Boulder CO and Tucson AZ.