Annie Savage

Annie Savage is an enthusiastic instructor and performer of primarily bluegrass, old-time and classical repertoire and believes that all of these genres have their unique place on the American stage. Her desire is to share the excitement that can be found in the language of music with young and old alike and to inspire other people to express themselves through the medium of music. 

Having been steeped in the bluegrass tradition from the age of 8, Savage has played in various projects and orchestras, most recently working with the West’s new bluegrass addition, Jeff Scroggins and Colorado.  Annie has performed internationally in such venues as SPBGMA, NPR, SXSW and countless festivals here and abroad.

While in college pursuing studies at the Oberlin Conservatory, the Berklee School and the Boston Conservatory, Annie found an additional passion for teaching other people to enjoy the art of music. Alongside an active performance career, she manages her website, workshops internationally and is currently serving as director of the American Roots program at the Rocky Mountain Center for Musical Arts. She lives in Colorado with her husband Scott and their two kids, Milo and Iris.

2013 was Annie's first time at Kamp and we look forward to working with her again and she looks looks forward to working with you. Patiently introducing you to your first lessons on your instrument. Beginner 101 - Non-Rotation. Annie will also be teaching the afternoon vocal class Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4:15 to 5pm.