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  • You Can Teach Yourself Flatpicking Guitar with Downloadable Audio and Video

    You Can Teach Yourself Flatpicking Guitar with Downloadable Audio and Video

    Book with Downloadable Audio and Video

    Level: Beginner

    Three-time national flatpicking champion Steve Kaufman teaches you how to buy a guitar, the easy way to fret a note, how to read chord charts and play all the basic chords, basic bluegrass strumming patterns, bass runs and walks, hammer-ons and pull-offs, how to read tablature, picking lead, crosspicking, practice techniques, and much more. DVD and CD included.

    Contents: Amazing Grace, Arkansas Traveler, Beautiful Brown Eyes, Careless Love, Cripple Creek, Freight Train -Elizabeth Cotten, Go Tell It On The Mountain, Hand Me Down My Walking Cane, Home, Sweet Home, House Of The Rising Sun, In The Pines, Jenny Linde Polka, John Hardy, Lonesome Road Blues, Momma Don't Allow No "Guitar Pickin' Round Here", My Home's Across The Blueridge Mountains, Old Joe Clark, Red Haired Boy, The Girl I Left Behind, The Wreck Of The Old Ninety Seven, Turkey In The Straw, Two Dollar Bill, Wabash Cannonball, Way Faring Stranger


    Great Place to Start
    Years ago, after trying other DVDs and feeling like I would never learn a lick of guitar because I could never get my fingers contorted into a position and quickly change into an even more contorted position, I bought this book\DVD. What a difference this made! Probably the reason I didn't trade my guitar for a playstation. Steve Kaufman is a wonderful teacher. He starts real slow showing every step and not doing anything that is hard for a beginner. The first few songs are a bit boring, but they are essential building blocks with each new song getting a little more complex and detailed without having to learn Bar chords or stretch your hands until they hurt so bad you'd confess to crimes of mass murder. Most importantly, EVERY DETAIL is shown slowly then explained so you can actually get it.. He's trying to teach you not impress you. I actually wrote Steve a thank you note I was so grateful for his instructional material. He wrote me back thanking me and asking me to introduce myself if I ever get to one of his shows. Genuine nice guy! Steven Brummell - Campbell, CA

    Great Introduction to Flatpicking
    This book was my first exposure to flatpicking. I found it to be a great teacher and many of the songs in this book I still play today when I'm just messing around. Many of the things covered in this book (e.g. bass runs) can be adapted to other styles and I am surprised at how much of this book I have been able to apply even though bluegrass is not my primary style. Andrew L. Will "average guitar guy" Chandler, AZ

    Best lesson book I've found
    I have tried a number of beginning guitar books, and this is by far the best. Because of copyright issues most lesson books use public domain songs. One great thing about this book is that it is based on the techniques used by the people who continue to play traditional American music in the most exciting way (i.e. bluegrass). If you're going to learn traditional material, you might as well learn it from the best! Another great thing is that the book builds your skills in a very incremental, systematic way. Some books I have used introduce a new skill--for example, bass runs--and give you only a couple of songs to work on to build that skill. This book starts with very simple bassline embellishment of chords, and gradually builds to more complex bass runs. That in turn leads to picking the lead--and again the book gradually builds from fairly straightforward lead work (in the Carter style and in fiddle-tune style) to more complex and challenging material in those styles. By the time you get to the end of the book, you will no longer be a "beginner." Another advantage of this incremental buildup is that it allows you to do all your learning by playing songs. No boring exercises--the "exercises" are all right there in the songs. Finally, the book comes with both a CD and a DVD, so you can see as well as hear how to play. If you have any interest in this style of music, there is no better book out there to begin learning with. John Miller

    Great for beginners!
    This book is great for someone who has limited knowledge and little or no guitar playing experience. The songs are time honored classics, and easy to learn, so you feel like you're actually making progress. A Customer 

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