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  • Steve Kaufman's Favorite Traditional Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitar - Volume 3

    Steve Kaufman's Favorite Traditional Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitar - Volume 3

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    This collection of fiddle tunes originally appeared in “Kaufman’s Collection of American Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitar” (MB 95748) but the book was so large and heavy that they couldn’t put all the songs on CDs to include with the package so it was divided into four great, melody-packed volumes. This third volume contains delightful American fiddle tunes brilliantly arranged for flatpicked guitar. All of these tunes are written in guitar-friendly keys in notation and tablature. Intermediate in difficulty, the book includes an explanation of the guitar tablature system and the execution and notation of essential techniques such as bends, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs. The tunes are thoughtfully printed in alphabetical order and include both standards and lesser-known fiddle melodies. Teachers take note-- this book is a great source of sight-reading material as well as a departure point for improvisation. Companion audio downloads are available for use with this title.

    You will quickly be playing: Nancy Dalton, New Five Cents, New Money, Nine Miles Out Of Louisville, Old Flanagan, Old Jake Gillie, Old Joe Clark – Modern Version, Old Joe Clark – Old Timey Version, Old Mother Flanagan, Opera Reel, Over the Waterfall, Pacific Slope, Paddy on the Handcar, Padgett, Peas in the Pot, Peter Francisco, Petronella, Pineywoods Gal, Possum up a Gum Stump, Pretty Betty's Reel, Quarter Deck, Quince Dillon's High D, Rabbit in the Woodpile, Rachel, Rambler's Hornpipe, Red-Haired Boy, Redbird, Return from India, Road to Boston, Robinson County, Rock Jenny Rock, Rock the Cradle Joe, Rocky Mountain, Rosebud Reel, Roving Piper, Run Rabbit Run, Rye Straw, Sail Away Ladies, Saint Anne's Reel, Sally Gooden, Sally Johnson, Sally Put a Bug On Me, Salt Creek, Sandra's Reel, Shaker Ben, Shaking Down The Acorns, Shelburne Reel, Shipping Post, Shoot Two Bits, Shortening Bread, Shove That Pig's Foot A Little Further in the Fire

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