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  • Steve Kaufman's Favorite 50 Celtic Reels for Guitar - Volume 2

    Steve Kaufman's Favorite 50 Celtic Reels for Guitar - Volume 2

    Book with Downloadable Audio

    Level: All

    Steve Kaufman, three-time National Flatpicking Champion, does it again. Here are some of Steve’s favorite reels transcribed for guitar. This large collection of reels will build your repertoire as well as help you develop more ideas, licks and runs for arranging your own melodies. Companion audio is available for this title in which all the songs are played note for note at about 3⁄4 speed.

    You'll soon be playing:
    Lady Mary Ramsay's
    Lady Montgomery's Reel
    Lady Terfinchen's Rant
    Lady's Cup Of Tea
    Last Night's Fun
    Let A Body Lie With You
    Limber Up
    Lochaber Reel
    Lord Dalhousie's Reel
    Lord Elphinstone
    Lord Melville's Fancy
    Lord Tullamore's
    Loughrea Lasses
    Mad Couple
    Maid Behind The Counter
    Man Of The House
    Maquire's Reel  Mary Ann's Caper
    Master McDermott's Reel
    Matt Molloy's Reel
    Midnight Frolic
    Miller That Grinds The Barley
    Miss Campell's Reel
    Miss Johnston's Reel
    Miss Lyall's Reel
    Miss McLeod's Reel
    Miss Thornton
    Mister Crawford's Reel
    My Honey's In The House
    My Own Whym
    Niel Gow's Daughter
    Oak Tree
    O'Brien's Reel  Palmerstown Lasses
    Patsy Campbell
    Peep Of Day
    Phelan's Fancy
    Phoebe's Delight
    Pigtown Fling
    Pretty Little Girl That I Love
    Pride Of the Ball
    Pure Drop
    Return To Camden Town
    Roaring Mary
    Rob Roy
    Roscommon Hunt
    Saint Ruth's Bush
    Sandy's Scotch Reel
    Scolding Wife  Scotch Lassie-O
    Scotchman's Bonnet
    Sheila Colye's Reel
    Something New
    Sporting Paddy
    Star Of Munster
    Strokestown Lasses
    Tommy Peoples' Reel
    Travers' Reel
    Trip To Waterford
    Westport New Grove
    Wicklow Lasses
    Wise Maid
    Within A Mile Of Dublin




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