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  • Steve Kaufman's Favorite 50 Celtic Jigs and Waltzes for Guitar

    Steve Kaufman's Favorite 50 Celtic Jigs and Waltzes for Guitar

    Book with Downloadable Audio

    Level: All

    Steve Kaufman, three-time National Flatpicking Champion, does it again. This edition brings us Steve’s favorite jigs and waltzes transcribed for guitar. This large collection will build your repertoire as well as help you develop more ideas, licks and runs for arranging your own melodies. Companion downloadable audio is available for this title in which all the songs are played note for note at about 3/4 speed.

    Contents include:
    American Dwarf
    Apples in Winter
    Bank of Turf
    Barbary Bell
    Cherish the Ladies
    Cinderella Waltz
    Coleman's Cross
    Cupid's Waltz
    Drink Your Tea, Love
    Drops of Drink
    Fair Haired Boy
    Geese in the Bog
    Gobby-O  Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part
    Haste to the Wedding
    Humours of Ballyloughlin
    Irish Washerwoman
    Katie's Rrambles
    Lady Douglas Mary
    Lady in the Boat
    Lannigan's Ball
    Maggie Brown
    Maid of Glenconnel
    Millpond  Monaghan
    Muckin 'O' Geordie's Byre
    My Lodging's on the Cold Ground
    My Wife's a Wonton Wee Thing
    Off She Goes
    Old Grey Goose
    Old Hag, You Have Killed Me
    Old Rosin, The Beau
    Over the Moor
    Paddy O'Rafferty
    Pirate's Waltz
    Plymouth Lasses  Queen of the Fair
    Rollicking Irishman
    Rose in the Heather
    Shepherd's Wife
    Swallow's Nest
    Tar Road to Sligo
    Tatter Jack Walsh
    Three Sea Captains
    Trip to the Cottage
    Tripping Upstairs
    Wandering Minstrel
    Wild Hills O'Wannie's

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