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  • Steve Kaufman's Favorite Traditional Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitar - Volume 1

    Steve Kaufman's Favorite Traditional Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitar - Volume 1

    Volume 1    Tunes A-F

    Book/CD Set
    Level: All

    This collection of fiddle tunes originally appeared in "Kaufman's Collection of American Fiddle Tunes for Flatpicking Guitar (MB 95748) but the book was so large and heavy that they couldn't put all the songs on CDs to include with the package so it was divided into four great, melody packed volumes. Each book now includes a CD that holds all the songs in the volume.

    Steve Kaufman says he can't emphasize enough the importance of developing a large repertoire of tunes. Fiddle tunes give us melodies that eventually allow us to begin to improvise. Sometimes without even knowing it. The more tunes you know, the more melodies and intersecting melody lines you know. This allows you to eventually cut and paste portions of the melody line into another song. In the beginning you will probably unknowingly replace and ending run. These are the last two measures of the section of a tune. Many of them in the same key are interchangeable, unless they are specific to the melody of the song. After a while you will cut out measures in the middle of the song and then you will be able to take the snips of melodies and play them in another song in a different key thus beginning to improvise. All of this is possible because you built up your repertoire of tunes.

    You will quickly be jamming on these great songs: A Bunch of Chickens, Ace of Spades, Angus Campbell, Arkansas Traveler, Batchelder's Reel, Bayne Water, Bear Pen Hollow, Belle of Lexington, Big John McNeill, Big Scioty, Bill Cheatham, Bitter Creek, Black-Eyed Susan, Blind Steer in a Mudhole, Blue Eagle, Blue Goose, The
    Bob-Tailed Mule, Boston Boy, Brilliancy, Brisk Young Soldier, Broad Run Picnic, Brown Button Shoes, Brushy Run, Buffalo Gals, Casey Jones, Cattle in the Cane, Cherokee Shuffle, Chicken in the Barnyard, Chief Sitting Bull, Chinese Breakdown, Chinky Pin, Choctaw, Chorus Jig (Hoedown), Christmas Time will Soon Be Over, Cider, Cindy, Cindy,
    Clyde Durst's Tune, Cold, Frosty Morn, Coming Down From Denver, Cotton-Eyed Joe, Cottonwood Reel, Crazy Creek, Crockett's Honeymoon, Denver Belle, Dirty Sheets, Dixie, Dolly, Drunken Billy Goat, Dry and Dusty, Dry Creek Reel, Durham's Reel, Early in the Evening, Eighth of January, Flop-Eared Mule, Flowers of Cahirciveen, Forked Deer, Fortune

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