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  • Complete Flatpicking Book with Downloadable Audio and Video

    Complete Flatpicking Book with Downloadable Audio and Video

    Book with Downloadable Audio and Video

    Best Seller

    Level: Beginner through Advanced

    This comprehensive study of contemporary flatpicking guitar technique presents numerous solos for the beginning through advanced flatpicking guitarist along with tips on creating your own flatpicking arrangements. The book addresses the tablature system, tuning, right and left-hand technique, use of the capo and the microphone, transposing using the Nashville numbering system, bluegrass back-up, arranging flatpicking solos and instrumentals. If you're into country or bluegrass music, or if you just want to develop outstanding flatpicking technique, this book is for you. Written in standard notation and tablature. The stereo play-along CD features Steve Kaufman's rousing performance of each flatpicking solo! Also includes a DVD containing some of the solos and techniques presented in the book.

    You'll learn:
    Hammer ons, Pull offs
    Amazing Grace
    Tom Dooley
    Bury Me Beneath The Willow
    Will The Circle Be Unbroken
    Way Down Town
    Flatt runs
    Bluegrass Boogie
    Devil's Dream
    Sailor's Hornpipe
    Old Joe Clark
    Bully Of The Town
    Done Gone
    High Dad In The Morning
    Black Mountain Rag
    Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
    Brown's Ferry Blues
    Salt Creek
    Billy In The Low Ground
    Temperance Reel
    The 8th Of January
    Cattle In The Cane
    Red Haired Boy
    Dill Pickle Rag
    Flop Eared Mule
    St. Anne's Reel
    and more.

    Reviews: Steve Kaufman has a very large catalog of books in print across several publishers, and since some of these books are fairly expensive it is a bit daunting to find what fits your needs. Good thing is that his books are excellent, though they do serve different purposes and audiences. I think this book is a particularly good one for anyone from beginner to advanced intermediate looking to pick up classic bluegrass flatpicking technique. Steve starts out with some basic "toolbox" topics such as accompaniment etc. and moves into the nuts and bolts of creating arrangements and solos using numerous examples that are highly musical and fun to play, based on classic tunes from the bluegrass repetoire. Two things make this book really stand out, however - one is the DVD that is included. Being able to watch Steve execute even basic stuff really adds value to the package. The other is the section of the book on "Flatpickers who Influenced the Flatpickers", where Steve includes versions of classic tunes as executed by Doc Watson, Tony Rice, Norman Blake, and others. These are terrific as stylistic examples and provide some really fun additions to repetoire - jack up the tempos and they are pretty challenging for even an advanced intermediate player. Overall, this is a "best value" book from a prolific author, highly recommended. Anonomous in Toronto Canada


    I have a lot of students who like this book once they are through the first month or so of basic playing. You'll learn chords, single line flatpicking solos, accompaniments, Carter style, Flatt runs and a whole lot more. What more could you want for general guitar playing. Well if you do want more in the bluegrass flatpicking style, Steve Kaufman has an huge array of materials to help you. If you're looking to learn Flatpicking style and you like bluegrass then Steve is a good guy to go with as you teach yourself through his books and DVDs. It will take you years to get through them all.
    Chris Downing - Chippenham, Wilts England

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