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  • Band In A Book - Bluegrass Instrumentals

    Band In A Book - Bluegrass Instrumentals

    Book with 2-CD Set
    Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    The idea here is to help coordinate the pickers so you all have solos to play and they can be played in the same key. What a concept - a "Band in the Book". Within these pages you will find solos for the entire band: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, banjo, mandolin, fiddle and bass. The mandolin and fiddle share the same tunings so their solos are just written once for both. If you are just starting out and you are having difficulty-finding solos for your level - look no more. These solos are written for the beginner level student assuming you can already play a few simple solos or lead breaks. This series will help you to learn solos on multiple instruments, help organize ensemble play, help develop a steady sense of timing and give you hours of enjoyment as well.

    You will soon be playing:  Bill Cheatham, Cindy, Cindy, Cripple Creek, Cumberland Gap, Down Yonder, Old Joe Clark, Red River Valley, Soldier's Joy, Turkey in the Straw and Wildwood Flower

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