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  • 20 Bluegrass Mandolin Solos That Every Parking Lot Picker Should Know Volume 2

    20 Bluegrass Mandolin Solos That Every Parking Lot Picker Should Know Volume 2

    Six CDs with 86 Page Music and Tab Book

    Level: All

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    Steve Kaufman has created another winner! Learning mandolin players have been clamoring for more tunes to improve their technique, build their repertoire and help them shine at jam sessions. Now, Steve has put together six more hours of instruction at a variety of levels plus back-up tracks, advice and more!

    Steve's amazing "Parking Lot Pickers" series covers levels from beginners to advanced, in a four-tiered system:

    (1) Beginners will learn to pick the melody to become familiar with the tune in its most basic form.

    (2) Intermediate players will develop facility with a series of great licks and runs that can be used in these or other tunes.

    (3) More experienced pickers move on to advanced techniques, including full-blown solos for each tune.

    (4) Each tune gets a final run-through, so you can play along with the entire tune.

    Now mandolinists and fiddlers (since the violin is tuned to the same pitches as a mandolin) can master these twenty must-play tunes from the standard bluegrass repertoire:

    Alabama Jubilee, Black Mountain Rag, Blackberry Rag, Cherokee Shuffle, Cricket on the Hearth, Dixie Hoedown, Down Yonder, Eighth of January, John Hardy, June Apple, Katie Hill, Liberty, Mississippi Sawyer, Peacock Rag, Redwing, Stony Creek, Temperance Reel, Texas Gales, Wheel Hoss, Wildwood Flower.

    Magazine Review:

    "Homespun always puts out quality products and this is no exception. There's plenty of solid mandolin ideas here, as well as good advice, a thorough knowledge of the repertoire, and a devotion to the melodies. Highly recommended for beginning and intermediate mandolin players." -- Bluegrass Unlimited

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    Customer Comment:

    I attended your workshop in Avon, NC in January.
    I purchased "Bluegrass Guitar Solos Vol 3" while I was there.  Initially I thought the price was a bit steep.  However, when I compare it to the price of lessons ($40/week) and the fact that it takes me about a week to really learn one of the intermediate arrangements, it's a real bargain!
    I gave up my lessons soon after the workshop, and have been using your material exclusively.
    While I doubt I'll ever be a performer, the sense of accomplishment that I feel when I am able to play a new arrangement is immeasurable.
    Thank you for producing all this great learning material.
    Brookeville, MD


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