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  • 20 Bluegrass Guitar Solos That Every Parking Lot Picker Should Know Volume 2

    20 Bluegrass Guitar Solos That Every Parking Lot Picker Should Know Volume 2

    Six CDS, includes 139-page book with music and tab

    Level: All

    The Downloadable Version is available HERE

    Imagine what it would be like to get into a picking session with a bunch of other players and be able to take hot solos with the best of them! Steve Kaufman's second compilation of twenty favorite bluegrass tunes breaks each one down, highlighting the guitar parts so you'll be able to hold your own in any jam session.

    In this unique teaching system, Steve first teaches the basic melody to familiarize the novice flatpicker with the tune in its most basic form. He then gets the intermediate players started on a series of great licks and runs that will dress up the tune and add spice to this or any other piece you are playing. Finally, he develops a complete bluegrass solo using advanced techniques for the more experienced pickers, making each tune a real showpiece!

    EXTRA! The unique play-along system--lead guitar on the right channel with the band (guitar, bass and mandolin) on the left--allows you to learn from Steve's guitar part by itself (to hear all the notes) or pick along with the rhythm track for a fantastic practice session.

    Here are the great tunes you'll be playing under Steve Kaufman's expert instruction:

    Alabama Jubilee, Black Mountain Rag, Blackberry Rag, Cherokee Shuffle, Cricket on the Hearth, Dixie Hoedown, Down Yonder, 8th of January, John Hardy, June Apple, Katie Hill, Liberty, Mississippi Sawyer, Peacock Rag, Red Wing, Stony Creek, Temperance Reel, Texas Gales, Wheel Hoss, Wildwood Flower.

    Customer Comment:

    I attended your workshop in Avon, NC in January.
    I purchased "Bluegrass Guitar Solos Vol 3" while I was there.  Initially I thought the price was a bit steep.  However, when I compare it to the price of lessons ($40/week) and the fact that it takes me about a week to really learn one of the intermediate arrangements, it's a real bargain!
    I gave up my lessons soon after the workshop, and have been using your material exclusively.
    While I doubt I'll ever be a performer, the sense of accomplishment that I feel when I am able to play a new arrangement is immeasurable.
    Thank you for producing all this great learning material.
    Brookeville, MD


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