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  • Learn To Play Waltzes

    Flatpick Style

    The Downloadable Version is available HERE

    70-minute DVD, includes music and tab PDF on Disc

    Add the stunning beauty of the waltz to your repertoire of flatpicked guitar instrumentals. Steve Kaufman plays and teaches five compelling pieces, showing you how to play them up-close and in careful detail. This lesson will delight learning guitarists, from easy intermediate to advanced level players.

    Steve demonstrates each tune in its simplest form, with a measure-by-measure explanation of how to execute it with style and flair. He then helps you "dress up" your arrangement by adding triplets, runs, Texas-style hammer-ons and pull-offs, bass walk-downs, tremolos and other important embellishments. Harmonics, double stops and "floating" picking techniques also add to the beauty of these lovely pieces.

    As in all of Steve Kaufman's video lessons, you'll gain innumerable insights into guitar style, musicianship and technique, and you'll find that your playing will improve throughout your flatpicking repertoire.

    Arrangements to some of the most beautiful pieces in the guitar repertory include When I Grow Too Old To Dream, Star Of The County Down, Ookpik Waltz, Memory Waltz and the classic Skaters Waltz.

    • $30.00