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  • Get Started on the Mandolin!

    A Complete Lesson for Beginners


    The Downloadable Version is available HERE

    Here’s the perfect way to get started playing the mandolin! Even if you have never played the instrument before, Steve Kaufman’s step-by-step lesson shows you how to tune up, hold your instrument and play your first chords and songs. You'll be playing Down in the Valley, Amazing Grace, Will the Circle Be Unbroken and Blue Ridge Cabin Home before you know it!

    Getting off to a solid start is essential, and Steve teaches you the notes and scales, pick technique, rhythmic counting, chord changes and other basic necessities that you’ll need in order to play correctly. He starts you at the most basic beginner’s level, but by the time you’ve finished this lesson you’ll be playing rhythm and even taking lead on fiddle tunes such as Cotton-Eyed Joe, Old Joe Clark, Liberty and Soldier’s Joy. In short, you’ll really be picking the mandolin!

    Steve incorporates numerous tips and advice built on his many years of teaching. His easy-going humor, down-to-earth manner and encouraging approach will make learning this wonderful instrument a joy.

    DVD with PDF Booklet on the Disc for only $30.00

    • $30.00