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  • Flatpicking Banjo Tunes

    A Guitarist's Guide to Hot Soloing

    100 Minute DVD, includes music and tab PDF on Disc
    With special guest Gary Biscuit Davis, Banjo

    The Downloadable Version is available HERE

    Many of the most exciting tunes in the bluegrass repertoire originate with the five-string banjo. In a typical jam session or stage performance, though, each instrument takes the lead in turn- including the guitar. When it's time for you to take a solo, will you know what to play?

    This DVD lesson is your answer! Master instructor and flatpicking great Steve Kaufman breaks down fifteen of the most-played banjo-driven songs, showing - step-by-step - how you can build a powerful flatpick solo when it's your turn to step up to the plate.

    Steve, the only three-time winner of prestigious National Flatpicking Championships held in Winfield, Kansas, and Gary "Biscuit" Davis, the only three-time National Banjo Champion, demonstrate each tune before Steve breaks it down in detail. As the lesson progresses, Steve provides invaluable advice and numerous hints on how to build up your speed, develop pick accuracy, play double-stops, move around the neck and generally becoming a better flatpicker.

    By the time you're finished working your way through this jam-packed DVD, you'll be playing hot guitar solos to these famous banjo tunes: Shuckin' the Corn, Nashville Blues, Cripple Creek, Nashville Skyline Rag, Pike County Breakdown, Clinch Mountain Backstep, Fireball Mail, Farewell Blues and the Earl Scruggs classics Foggy Mt Special, Foggy Mountain Breakdown, Flint Hill Special, Earl's Breakdown, Randy Lynn Rag and Dear Old Dixie.

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