Review: "Mel Bay's Complete Flatpicking Guitar Book"

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12-Oct-2014 09:28 AM

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I'm not on Facebook anymore, so all of my product reviews have disappeared. However, I still wanted to share my thoughts, so I copy/pasted them to re-post here. Steve, please feel welcome to move this review to the product page, if you like.

If you like flatpicking, but don't know where to begin, this is a fine book to own. Steve gives you enough basics to get started right away, then shows you how to put them to use in a truckload of well-known tunes. 

Even if you've been picking for awhile, great licks abound, and Steve shows you not only how he does it, but gives you a good long look into the styles of the guys who inspired him: Doc Watson, Norman Blake, Dan Crary, and Tony Rice.

The CD that accompanies the book is a good tool for developing your ear, too. Try to learn the solos just by listening and trying to play what you hear -- using what Steve calls "The Bible Method" (seek and ye shall find) -- then check yourself against the transcriptions. Tons of fun!





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