Holding the pick

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07-Apr-2013 09:01 AM

Steve K

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Hey Steve, which one of your DVD's would be good for a pick holding demonstration? You showed me a few months ago, but I think I need a refresher. I just can't get your yellow pick to sound as clean as my old pick that you wanted me to trow away.  They are both .73, but my old one isn't as hard as your yellow one.  


Looking forward to seeing you at the Kettle Falls, WA workshop this year.  Thanks.

Hi buddy- The DVD I Have for right hand technique is Picking Up Speed. It is a total right hand work over and will answer your questions about the pick. The Yellow SK Pick should sound smooth, deep, clear and give great control so let's look at the DVD and fine tune you in Kettle Falls, WA. See you in September.

Cheers - Steve K

Steve K.




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